Welcome to the blog of Beer Man and Winey Woman! This is where you will find our reviews and musings on the world of beer and wine written by ordinary people for ordinary people. No beer and wine snobbery here. No reviewing $1000 bottles of wine that no mere mortal can acquire. This blog is designed to help regular people pick out beer and  wine at the supermarket or liquor store without using a pretty label as your only guide.

The two of us have two main loves: beer/wine and MINI Coopers. Because of these two loves, we spend a lot of our free time Motoring to vineyards and breweries. Expect to see photos and reviews from our many adventures. We are lucky to live in New England,  an area that has many local breweries, wineries, and distilleries.


Beer Man and Winey Woman at Charlotte Village Winery in Charlotte, VT

We hope you enjoy this blog and perhaps find it helpful when picking out your next alcoholic beverage.

Live, love, laugh, drink, and be merry!
Beer Man and Winey Woman


One response to “Welcome!

  1. Dee

    Nice blog!! Best of luck with it! The world needs a place for info, besides store employees!

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