Atlantic Brewing — New Guy IPA

Note: Sorry for the delay in posts! Beer Man and I were in the process of selling our house and life sort of took over. We should be posting far more from here on 🙂

I found this brew (along with some others I’ll be reviewing soon) at a beer emporium in Concord, NH that I’d never seen been to before.

This IPA is so nice and refreshing. So many breweries have been leaning toward Doubles or Imperials, and this is a nice throwback to an earlier time when IPA wasn’t about being big and bold. There’s really not much citrus in this one, just a pleasant piney flavor and smell. The beer first hits you palate with a nice sweet note that transitions to a good, old-fashioned pine bitterness that lingers on the roof of your mouth. Overall, I’m quite pleased with this one, and I’m really looking forward to our summer vacation to northern Maine so I can visit the brewery in Bar Harbor.

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