Sea Hagg Distillery– North Hampton, NH

We went to North Hampton to look at BMW motorcycles, and when we were done looking at motorcycles, we made a quick detour on our way home to Sea Hagg distillery. Tucked into a business plaza, this cute little distillery serves a variety of rum, whiskey and brandy. When we arrived, we were greeted by Zoey the standard poodle, who led us to the tasting bar where they offered us a delicious taste of some hot buttered rum that was warming in a jury-rigged Mr. Coffee. It was scrumptious and I’m kicking myself for not snapping a pic of the recipe they had typed out in front of it.

We tried a blueberry, strawberry, and then Beer Man tried their white whiskey and oak-aged brandy. The flavored rums would make excellent mixed drinks, particularly mojitos. The proprietor was extremely friendly and knowledgeable and we highly suggest a visit the next time you are near the NH seacoast.


Winey Woman 🙂


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