Throwback Brewing – Maple Kissed Wheat Porter

Oh damn. This is a good one. This is a new brewery to me, I’d never heard of Throwback until recently when I stopped randomly at a brew retailer in Concord. I bought this on a whim, since it combined two of my favorite things – beer and maple.

They’ve clearly gone all-out for this maple wheat porter. It’s not a super heavy porter, more of a middle of the road thickness. First off, the aroma from the pour is pure, straight-up maple. Very little beer scent. The first sip is as smooth as silk – it just flows across the tongue effortlessly. The maple that Throwback has chosen for this one is intense; they’re not stingy with it. This one blows all the other maple beers out of the water. One of my personal favorites is the Catamount Maple Wheat that Harpoon brews on occasion for their 100bbl Series, and while they utilize the unique yeast strains that now-long-gone Catamount cultured many years ago, their maple profile is pale in comparison. Half way though this one and I’m still being being bombarded with maple, which is awesome – it doesn’t fade one bit. It even works as a dinner beer with the delicious Italian dish Winey Woman just handed me 🙂

Overall, I highly recommend this brew, especially if you’re a fan of real maple.

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