Funky Bow Brewery & Beer Company – G-String Pale Ale

Yep, it’s called G-String. That’s why I bought it. I’ll admit it. It’s a pale ale, which if you’ve read more than one or two of my posts, you’ll know I usually steer away from, since they’re low on the hop usage. This one isn’t much different in that respect, but despite being a pale, it’s actually quite good. I can see why they sell it in a 6-pack, I could absolutely knock back three or four 3/4-pint cans on an afternoon sitting on the porch.
This is a nice golden-hued ale with a perfect balance between hops and malt. There is a pleasant orange-ish citrusy flavor, with a slight nutty finish, most likely from the malt used. Overall this brew is something I could absolutely recommend to anybody looking for a great porch-sipping, relaxation-after-a-long-day kind of beer. I’m glad I’ve got 5 more cans in the fridge….wait, make that 4 more, I’m going for a second one now.

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