Dogfish Head – 75 Minute IPA

Here’s a new one – a maple syrup- finished, bottle-conditioned IPA. Right on the  bottle they say sometimes 90 is too much and 60 is too little, but 75 is perfect…they’ve got that right.

The nose on this one is very much traditional Dogfish IPA, sort of a musky aroma. After that, all bets are off – the maple comes through really strong, but not overpowering. As much as I like 90-minute, I find the finish to be harsh, resulting in my only drinking one at a time – not something overly sessionable. This has a similar underlying flavor, but the sweetness of the maple cuts the finish down by a ton, making a big bottle easy to drink in its entirety. This brew is the perfect “Sunday Sipper” when sitting on the couch with friends, watching your favorite television program (for us, it’s F1 racing today), or just relaxing on your own. Regardless of where you’re at when popping this bottle, you’re in for an awesome experience!



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