Banded Horn Brewing – Veridian 

Well, it’s been a while. My apologies on that…pretty much hit Thanksgiving week and everything “normal” went straight out the window. Now that we’re a full week into 2016, I feel like things are finally calming down enough to focus on some good beer. So here we go!

My first review of the new year is from a small brewery I’d never heard of in Biddeford, ME, despite having been through there a number of times for work. Banded Horn Brewing, despite being small and relatively unknown, is doing something right. Very right. Veridian IPA is described as a combination – Verdant, Viridia, and Veritas. Lush, green, truth – more or less. While the beer is not green, luckily (though green eggs and ham with green beer would be fun), it’s certainly lush, and that’s the truth. There’s a really nice tang to this one, it sits right on the middle of my tongue. The nose is super light, mostly a hint of mild citrus with a slight herbal tail. Working through my glass, this brew opens up nicely, releasing a wonderful floral flavor. Overall, Veridian IPA is an awesome beer, and I can’t wait to try more Banded Horn, and visit the brewery.


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