White Birch Brewing – Nyx


Dark and delicious!

This beer is dark. Like dark as night dark….hence the name. The aroma is super strong, too. Even before my first sip I can smell the malty goodness from a couple feet away. The head was a nice, thick, creamy, chocolate-colored foam that lingered for quite some time.

The first sip wasn’t at all what I expected. There’s no sharp attack from the malt, like you get with some dark beers. This is just smooth all the way through. It’s got a chocolate flavor to go along with the color of the head; and a slight coffee hint that rounds out the aftertaste, which is good since I love coffee, but not as much as I love beer. Part way though my massive tankard, I’m finding that there are some hints of hops beginning to poke though the wall of malt. It’s not a lot, just enough to take the pointed sweetness down a bit.

As I reached the midpoint of this one and the temperature came up a bit, the flavor changed massively. The chocolate started to wain a tad, with coffee coming to the nose, accompanied by a stronger hop scent. The end of this bomber offers another round of coffee-ish malt, with the hops fading into the background….and a yearning for more.

This was one simply awesome brew, and I can’t wait to try more of this unique creation next fall/winter.

Beer Man