Stone Brewing – Enjoy By 4.20.15

Stone Brewing has a fixation with creativity, and I think they’ve outdone themselves this time. The Enjoy By series is always something special, but this time it’s awesome. They’ve clearly taken great care to get the best ingredients together as quickly as they could. The pour is a medium amber hue, not a lot of head, but enough to release plenty of piney hop aroma. The first sip ls like absolutely nothing I’ve ever experienced. The freshness of the ingredients is second to none….I think some of the hops used were still growing as I poured the beer. Fresh hops, like minutes after harvest, not hours or a day, have such a different flavor. There is much more pine resin on the front, and a much smoother finish. I’m not sure exactly sure how to describe this beer other than “simply awesome”, so I suggest you go  find this one as soon as possible, and drink it before April 20.

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