A lot to talk about!

Sorry for the lack of posts in recent weeks. Beer Man and I have been doing a lot of beer and wine related stuff, which hasn’t left us a lot of time to write about beer and wine related stuff! We plan to rectify this ASAP, so you should keep an eye out for upcoming posts that will include
-a beer class with Great Rhythm Brewing;
-a weekend of wine and beer tasting up at the Woodstock Inn and Brewery in NH;
-a review of Wine Awesomeness,  the newest and most awesome wine-of-the-month club;
-a note on our plans for growing our own Hops;
-Beer Man and Winey Woman Take Manhattan; and
-a whole bunch of reviews on brews and wines we’ve been drinking lately.

So stay tuned, we have a lot in store for you!

Winey Woman 🙂


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