A Visit to Throwback Brewery – North Hampton, NH

This is an odd one — it’s a brewery in an industrial complex. They’ve opened up shop in the space they could find, but it certainly hasn’t put a damper on their creativity for beer. The tasting room is basically the front twenty feet of a steel building, but they’ve done a great job making it into a place to hang out if you’re in a group. Throwback offers 4oz tasters of their beers on tap for $1 each, handing you a plastic “money” token for each brew you sample – probably the most unique and, quite frankly, awesome system I’ve ever encountered. There’s a giant blackboard behind the bar listing their brews, and a simple system of check marks telling you what’s on tap. I had two samples, Donkey Hoté and Ginger Snap – a DIPA and a ginger stout. Both were simply amazing.


After finishing both tasters, I decided to take home a “growlette” of Donkey Hoté. Throwback offers four options for take-home. They’ve got 2L growlers (basically a standard 64oz growler) in glass and stainless, and 32oz Growlettes in glass and stainless. I decided to splurge on the stainless growlette (at the urge of Winey Woman) since it was super cool. All four choices come equipped with swing-top stoppers, another awesome feature. Throwback is a part of the Hobbes Farm in North Hampton, about a mile from the current brewery location. Their plan is to move the operation down the road sometime this spring, offering visitors a much “nicer” beer garden and brewery experience, plus a chance to chill with Jericho the donkey. I’m certainly looking forward to this move happening, and I can’t wait to make another visit to get some more Throwback!


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