Garrison City Beerworks – Mosaic

Sooooo good. This dry-hopped pale ale comes in at just over 5% abv, meaning you can pretty easily drink the whole Crowler yourself, which is a good thing. Mosaic, as the name suggests, is made with Mosaic hops. I like this hop variety quite a lot because it offers so many aromas and flavors, and there are as many nuances that poke through as people who experience it. In this case, I personally taste a hint of grapefruit and pine, finishing with a flavor reminiscent of my dad’s home-baked bread. You may experience something different, which is okay, since Mosaic is, as mentioned above, a melting pot of flavor.

As I got further into the Crowler (I just love that word), the flavor began to change somewhat. The pine stayed, but the grapefruit was replaced with more of a tree-fruit profile – pears and a little orange. Even deeper into the seemingly bottomless can, I started to discover a slight hint of blueberry mixing into the prevalent pine. Blueberry and pine are two of my favorite flavors/aromas, so I was super happy this beer surprised me with such profile. Garrison’s Mosaic has less in-your-face up front punch, and that’s just fine. They could have easily made this an IPA, a double even, and I think that would have been too much. I can’t wait to get back to Dover, NH to get some more Crowlers.


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