Hop Valley Brewing – Alpha Centauri

So I’ve been on a major high-IBU kick lately, seeking out all the DIPAs I can find. Recently Winey Woman brought home a new one for me, from Eugene, Oregon. The Pacific Northwest is known, as I’m sure you’re aware, for hops. Hop Valley Brewing has joined the hop-party with a 100IBU creation they call Alpha Centauri Binary IPA.

wpid-img_20150403_175432nopm.jpg.jpegThe golden pour from the bomber is beautiful, with a mellow pine flavor up front. The finish is a slightly sweet citrus note, but not too sweet. They’ve balanced the malt perfectly, providing enough sweetness to cut the potential harshness of the hops. Overall, Hop Valley has created a great addition to the “100IBU Club” and I only hope I can find more of this awesome brew, and soon. If you’re as much of a hop-head as I am, this is definitely one to seek out.


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