Great Rhythm Brewing – Beer “Dinner”

In our area, there’s a grocery store known as “The Co-Op.” It’s obviously a co-op store, but it has no other name, oddly. Anyway, they host a number of evening presentations featuring cooking, wine, beer, etc. once or twice a week throughout the year. Winey Woman and I had the opportunity to attend one such event, featuring Great Rhythm Brewing from Portsmouth, NH. The store has gone to great lengths to create a “learning kitchen” so participants can comfortably enjoy an evening of food and drink. Scott, the owner and brewmaster at Great Rhythm, was invited to bring five of his finest creations to the store to be featured with light tapas from Chef Eli at the Co-Op kitchens.
Each round of beer was served with a small but scrumptious portion of food, cooked right in front of us. Scott would talk about each brew as we tasted it, offering insight into where his ideas come from, how he goes about his day, what it’s like to be a brewmaster, and so on.
Four of the brews were accompanied with a delicious plate, but the fifth was simply dessert. Scott brought along his “chocolate” porter to round out what was an amazing evening of great food paired with awesome beer and entertaining conversation.
To top it off, he brought along pint glasses for everyone there (which, since I collect pint glasses, was the icing on an already delicious cake!). I’d also like to offer a shoutout to Chef Eli for being able to accommodate Winey Woman’s Celiac Disease on the fly, making edits to the menu where it was possible.
Great Rhythm Brewing — great beer, great times!
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