Maine Beer Company – Peeper Ale

The Maine Beer Company, of Freeport, ME, shall be my “brew du jour” this evening. I’ve only ever had Peeper Ale, but I keep buying it because it’s so good. I’ll be trying some others soon, and most likely stopping in at the brewery in August when Winey Woman and I take our summer holiday in Acadia, ME, if not before….I mean, it’s the home of L.L. Bean; who wouldn’t want to make a day or weekend trek to Freeport??
Anyway, I’m babbling. Peeper ale is an American ale, but they could have easily made it an IPA if they chose to go that route. I’m glad the brewers didn’t go crazy on the hopping of this one because the way it is makes is just so darn drinkable. The pour didn’t release much aroma, only a beautiful light amber color and a rather thick, foamy head (of course, part of that could have been my botched pour….I had an extra glug I wasn’t intending). This is a very clean, mild brew. The prevailing flavor is in the orange family, and the nose is a nice pine resin. Peeper is such a smooth, easy-drinking brew. It’s perfect for a warm spring evening sitting on the porch listening to (what else?) the peepers…until the mosquitoes try to carry you off…

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