Blackberry Wine – Haunting Whisper Vineyards

Want a fruity delicious beverage on a hot summer afternoon? Look no further than Haunting Whisper Vineyards’ Blackberry fruit wine. Served chilled, it’s a ripe, berry – filled, sweet/tart syrupy  wine that is full of flavor.



Haunting Whisper is a small vineyard located in Danbury, NH. So far, Beer Man and I have not had a single wine from this vineyard we did not enjoy. I will be sure to post on some others soon, but this is first bottle of theirs we’ve cracked in a few weeks (we’ve been enjoying our Wine Awesomeness deliveries lately). The vintner is extremely personable and really knows his wine. We have enjoyed several tastings there and always bring our friends along to experience and fall in love with the wide selection of wines. To top it all off? Most bottles are priced around $13! You can’t go wrong with these wines. This vineyard is also setting up a spirits distillery and we will be sure to report on that when they are up and running.

Winey Woman 🙂


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