Rogue Farms – 7 Hop IPA

I’ve said it before, but here’s a reminder – Rogue Farms division of Rogue Ales LOVES to experiment. This time they’ve combined all seven varieties of hops that they grow on-site, most of which I’ve never heard of. Revolution and Rebel I’ve heard of, but the other five – Liberty, Newport, Independent, Freedom, and Alluvial, are all new to me. And I have to say, it’s really good. The pour offered up a faint aroma, mostly pine in nature, and a deeply golden hue. The citrus, mostly orange, flavor is so nice. It’s not an overpowering citrus flavor, but nicely balanced with Rogue’s own malts.

**Going to interrupt, uh, myself, for a moment here — just noticed that this is 7 Hop IPA, and the ABV is 7.77%, coincidence? I think not…– anyway, back to what I was saying**

As I get further into my super-tankard of IPA it just keeps getting better…and that’s not because I’m getting more tipsy with every sip. It’s actually getting more tasty. The hoppy orange notes are giving way to more of the malt flavors, and the brew is becoming more and more smooth. Overall, Rogue Farms has once again outdone themselves in stepping outside the box and daring to be different.

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